Impacting the world through your prayers.

There is power in prayer! We can't express enough how much we desperately need your prayers as we embark on this new journey! Throughout our lives, we have truly recognized the power of prayer. As we begin this journey, we again recognize the great need for prayer support from family and friends. For consistent prayer updates, please like our Facebook page “The Powell Family – Serving in Thailand” or subscribe to our newsletter.

Below are some prayer points.

December 2018 Prayer Requests:

Holy Spirit, thank you for letting me be a part of what the Powell’s are doing in Thailand. Please let me see answered prayers regarding my prayers for them. I attach great faith to every statement of prayer I make on their behalf.

Thank you for:

  • Helping them physically and emotionally with their recent miscarriage.

  • Providing 70% of their monthly support.

  • For helping them to quickly recover after being sick.

  • For speaking to them in new ways and giving them renewed passion for what you’ve called them to do!

I pray that:

  • The Powells would have continued safety in all of their traveling.

  • That the remaining 30% of their monthly budget would come in quickly, and especially by March.

  • That they would hit their end of the year goal and be at 75% of monthly budget.

  • That their visa would be processed and ready to go before their May launch date.

  • The individuals they have connected with who might serve alongside them in future would have peace and clarity.

  • You would watch over their health, both physically and spiritually, keeping them strong, refreshed, and healthy.

  • They would have favor in every meeting and church service they attend.

  • The Powells would make great connections, resulting in dedicated prayer partners.

  • They would learn creative ways to eat healthy and stay active, while traveling, often unable to cook regular meals.

  • The Powells would also have a lot of fun on all of their trips, making long-lasting memories as a family!

Additional prayer needs...

Continue praying that:

  • You would help Brandon and Rachel to stay rooted in their daily spiritual practices of prayer, reading your word, listening to your voice, and being obedient to your leading.

  • Please help their marriage to stay especially strong. Let them be an encouragement to many.

  • Help them to love their kids with everything that they have.

  • Let their kids experience you in unique ways, and adapt to the cultural changes smoothly.

  • Help them to stay in contact with family and close friends, as this is really hard for everyone.

  • Let your Holy Spirit move through the Powell family in incredible ways.

  • Let there be open doors to speak in to people’s lives wherever they go.

  • Keep them safe while traveling.

  • Help them to have great faith that you will meet all of their financial needs.

  • Let there be open doors for financial support with individuals, churches, and businesses.

  • Help them to raise 100% of their budget quickly.

  • Let the doors for the Gospel message be open when they arrive, and stay open!

  • Release a spiritual awakening throughout Thailand, that all will see you are a powerful, life-giving, loving father who longs to give them hope for their future.

  • Please give me revelations and powerful words that I can share with the Powells.

Thank you so much for your prayers prayed in faith! If you feel like God is giving you an encouraging word for us, please step out in faith and share it with us by sending us a message through our Facebook Page, or through email at