Thank You!

We have raised the minimum amount of pledges required to keep us in Thailand!

See below how you can continue to be a part of advancing the Kingdom of Heaven in Thailand through our ministry.

Current Financial Needs in Thailand as of August 2019:

Praise God! Because of many people’s generous sacrifices, we have been in Thailand for over 90 days! This is a great milestone. After arriving in Thailand, here are some funds that we became aware of that we will need to ensure that we make it to the end of our term. Would you consider helping us with one of the following?

To designate a specific amount to a specific category, send an email to brandon.powell@agmd.org

Missing Funds : $3,000

We are so thankful to everyone who has pledged for us to be here in Thailand! We are now fully living on these funds, and have been $3,000 shy over the last 90 days in pledges that haven’t started yet.

Language School: $5,000

Brandon and Rachel are BOTH in language school full-time right now, they are really moving along quickly, and are exceeding all goals and expectation in the language learning process. Prices for languages school that worked for them were higher in price than expected, and for them to both be able to go through the advanced courses, they will need a projected $5,000 to make this happen.

MotorBike : $2,000

Brandon and Rachel made the decision approved by leadership to get a motorbike for them to be able to get around town much faster, and to save gas and transportation money. Motorbikes can save over 10 hours a week in commute time, and $120 / mo in gas. This is especially helpful getting to the University ministry each week, as it is very hard to get there with a car, and very hard to find parking spots.

In addition to prayer support, we need financial support. We have the privilege of being sent through an amazing organization (one of the largest sending organizations in the world), the Assemblies of God World Missions (AGWM - you can learn more at https://agwm.com). 
— Brandon and Rachel

Monthly Pledged Donations:

Simply put: Committed Monthly donations (pledges) KEEP us in Thailand, helping us with all expenses associated with living and doing ministry there.

To donate monthly:

Option 1: Simply email us at gopowellgo2013@gmail.com and we will walk you through step by step.

Option 2: If you are familiar with how AGWM missions giving works, you can go ahead and fill out the pledge form below for yourself:

Pro-tip: you can leave the ‘donor ID’ field blank if you don’t know/have yours, and we recommend not checking the box to receive promo mail - that won’t be mail from us.

Launch/Cash Funds and Special Gifts:

Launch/Cash Funds: While monthly donations keep us on the field, you can make one-time donations to help us further our work in Thailand.

Even while we are in Thailand with all of our minimum funds raised, there are always opportunities that come up that we have to say no to unless we have the financial resources. Most of these opportunities are outreach and church-planting based.

Special Gifts: We occasionally get asked how to go about gifting for special occasions like birthdays and Christmas. While there is of course no obligation, we are very appreciative of this kind gesture! Regardless of the reason, we need to report on all money given to us. The best way to make a secure transaction into our account that let’s us and our organization know it’s for personal use, is to use the ‘give’ link below and under ‘class’ select: ‘09’

To give a one-time donation, or to set a reoccurring monthly donation, click on the button below:

*on the give site, you have two options to select for ‘class'

  • Option 1: ‘00’ which goes into our work account

  • Option 2: ‘09’ which classifies your donation as a gift.

Unless it is for a special circumstance, we prefer all giving to go into our ‘00’ work account to ensure we have the funds to further the work that God has for us!

  • This link above will take you to our organization’s secure-giving site.

  • You can also send a check made payable to AGWM, just make sure to put the Powell Family's account number on the memo line!

    • AGWM Attn: Missions Giving 1445 N. Boonville Ave. Springfield, MO 65802

    • (Memo Line) The Powell Family: #285794

  • This is optional, but please send us an email once you have sent in payment. We want to make sure that it was able to make it to the right account, and sometimes we don’t hear back for a few days/weeks on who made the payment. Don’t be shy, we would love to thank you for partnering with us!

More about our sending organization . . .

As AGWM Missionaries, we work hard to raise the funds we need to not only get us to Thailand, but keep us serving in Thailand. While living in Thailand, we are not able to work, but will instead be fully devoted to ministry and serving. All giving is tax-deductible, as it goes to the organization, and is then applied to our account. Please pray about partnering with us financially. 

The AGWM is committed to not only getting us to the field, but keeping us on the field for a life-time. They have a great model that seems daunting at first to many, but also makes sense for the long-haul. To get us to the field, we need for you to prayerfully consider pledging to give monthly to our ministry. Any amount is truly helpful, and we believe God is going to make a way for anyone who wants to give, to be able to do so. If you feel that you can’t commit to an ongoing donation, contributing to our launch/cash funds will also help, and we are grateful for any kind of sacrifice! (AGWM - you can learn more at https://agwm.com).